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Now that all those months of exceptional boredom without football is over and the 2016 NFL draft has concluded. Jt48 gets to stretch his hands and fingers, dust off that digi-writer and put his thoughts into readable form. So here we go…

What’s up with our first draft choice. This fellow from Ohio State, the young Ezekial Elliott. I call him Mr Half Shirt, or “Ha-shi”. Apparently he forgot he was going to an event and thought he was just going out to hang with his buddies at the corner store.

Every article I’ve read and every sports analyst I’ve heard. Including his former coach Gary Brown has said that this guy is the best running back in a generation. Heck, even Emmitt Smith has stated that Hashi is a better running back than he was.

I believe if Darren McFadden takes Hashi under his wing and mentor him he will be all right. Now there’s no reason why the Offense can’t be the best in the league. We have an elite quarterback, top offensive line, and now a young talent that could potentially be the best in the league. Heck what’s not to like…

All this ecolades are nice and all but the putting is on the field and hopefully Hashi can prove all these people right. If the coaches can strategize correctly and teach the players good fundamentals. We are gonna be a force to be recon with, but that’s a big “IF”!

I’ll be trying to write a post every other week as I am limited in time and resources. I’ll be hanging out here in sunny southern California for another 9 weeks. I have to stop here cuz there’s only 1 computer and there’s a line of people waiting to use it…






cowboys superman logo

So we now know Demarco “One Great Season” Murray has crossed over to our arch nemesis, the Philadelphia Eagles. It appears he is more interested in money rather than a probable Cowboys Super Bowl Championship run.

Personally, I don’t care. If that’s what he wants well: “bye”.

I enjoyed watching Murray play but was near cardiac arrest each time he rushed with the football. I hadn’t mentioned this before but if there was “one” play in the Cowboys Playoff loss to Green Bay we could have done without was Demarco’s fumble. That fumble changed the complexity of the game and the eventual outcome…and yes Dez caught the ball!!!

Out with the old and in with the new, Darren McFadden.

Just hours after Demarco Murray decided to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles,the Dallas Cowboys front office sought out Darren McFadden. He was signed to a 2 year contract worth up to $5.8 million dollars with a guaranteed $200,000 signing bonus. Up until that point,  Jtracker48 and the legions of Dallas Cowboys fans hadn’t heard too much of the University of Arkansas superstar running back. He was just another highly skilled collegiate football player with so much potential. He was drafted 4th overall by the Oakland Raiders but after years of so many ups and downs,well mostly downs, the team decided to release him.

I believe Darren McFadden will do great things for the Dallas Cowboys. He will have a much better offensive line to open bigger running lanes, much better receivers to keep the defenders in check, and a much better quarterback to make key decisions before the snap.If he isn’t as good as we need him to be the Cowboys can simply give him his walking papers and pull that roster spot out from under him and give it to someone more deserving.

Stephen Jones appears to be in full control of personnel decisions. I think the era of Jerry Jones making all sorts of crazy hires is over.

In Stephen Jones I trust.


The wondering Lions traveled south to the lands of Arlington Texas, home to the Dallas Cowboys. Their game plan to knock off the Cowboys from their high horse had already been studied and implemented. What was needed to accomplish this feat was easier said than done.

The Lions in the first half were unstoppable; they were well prepared and well equipped to overrun the Cowboys and to continue their own NFC playoff quest. What the Lions brain trust hadn’t prepared for was for something unexpected, something you couldn’t plan against; a new Cowboys attitude.

This philosophy when believed could turn the entire franchise around and now it had taken hold. It permeated the halls of AT&T Stadium and was believed by all that heard it. In the simplest of geeky ways, Jason Garrett had been saying it over and over, “Be your best, not try your best”. “Be your best, not try your best” finally it was accepted.

During the half time break the Dallas Cowboys learned that in the throes of defeat the real character of its players would reveal itself.

Once the second half of the game started the confident Lions thought they could continue to have their way with them Boys’. But it was obvious to the 91,410 in attendance that the Dallas Cowboys came out with a new attitude and from that point on they were going to play better, smarter, and with higher intensity.

In the second half the Detroit Lions were held for only 3 points. While the Dallas Cowboys scored three times for 17. The Dallas defense forced 3 Lions turnovers and flat out beat them in every down there after.

Tony Romo was clutch throughout the game especially in the last minutes. He was superb throwing to Witten, Beasley, Bryant, Murray, and two touchdown Williams. I’m sure with this type performance lots of Romo haters were disappointed they couldn’t talk crap about him.

Demarcus Lawrence was a goat in the final minutes of the game by picking up a fumble only to give it right back. However, he shook that mistake off and continued to play, because that’s what he was suppose to do. Seconds later the awesome trifecta happened, he sacked the quarterback, stripped the ball, and recovered the fumble all on the same play, oh redemption!


We, at jtracker48.com would like to thank the Detroit Lions because without their support the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t have won.

On a personal note: This goes to all those fair weather Cowboys fans out there. Look beyond the past, it’s time to be united with all of us and refocus your effort and energy against our opponents.

THIS IS PLAYOFF FOOTBALL BABY, our next victory will come in Lambo Field against those cheesy yellow helmet heads and that guy. You know, the double check guy. The one that’s going to get “X”ed out next Sunday afternoon!

Jtracker48 predicts a Cowboys win 35-24

JTRACKER48 COMPASS AWARD is awarded to the entire organization for believing in themselves and proving that they will not stop fighting until the final whistle of the game has blown.

Stand, Engage, Adjust, and Celebrate baby!

I can see clearly now the rain is gone… cuz we gonna kick some Lion pride ass tonight!

Wanted to inform all my Cowboys friends and family that we got this!

All I’ve heard for that last 48 hours is that The Detroit Lineman Ndamukong Suh is the greatest lineman the Cowboys Offensive Line will face and as such we are in for a hell of a fight…

Lets not forget who’s house this is! The Cowboys are undefeated against the Lions when they play in Arlington.

Now, I feel that we already played the best Defensive Lineman in all of football and perhaps of all time, J.J. Watt!

If my Boys’ controlled the best Defensive player in the NFL, they sure can control Suh, and by the way, who names their boy Suh?

Go Cowboys!!!

Dallas wins by 10+

The Colts were lassoed, hog tied, and merciful less beaten by the awesomeness of the Cowboys


The Colts came to Arlington thinking they were coming for a Texas Rodeo. What they got for their effort was a Texas size ass kicking of historic proportions. The beat down was so severe that late in the second half the Colts Head Coach decided to take his ‘Luck’ out to pasture.

Not since the New England Patriots in 2012 had the Colts received such an ass whooping of this magnitude. Luck was pressured so much in this game that he was unable to get a first down several minutes into the game.

The Dallas Defense seemed to have hogtied their whole offense by rendering them immobile and helpless. Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys defense made Andrew Luck irrelevant and was subsequently removed in favor of the second string Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck appeared to have lit a fire under the Colts offense which resulted in a very good drive ending in a touchdown. However, by then the result of the game was a for gone conclusion.

Right from the start the Boys’ took control and never relinquished it. The pressure on both opposing quarterbacks was relentless and as a consequence the final score showed it.

The Cowboys didn’t need ‘Luck’; they played with heart and preparation. They played with the philosophy of the 7P’s: Piss Poor Practice, Prevents Picture Perfect Performance (Sports fans you read it here first).  In this game the Cowboys played with self-confidence and poise.

Jason Garrett and his coaching staff had our Boys’ prepared for this game. They practiced with great motivation and high intensity. The alternative would have been the philosophy of the 7P’s in their face and that fellow fanatics would have been disastrous.

Dez Bryant was a beast and dominated the Colts safeties like they were a bunch of high school football players. Witten was as reliable as he has ever been. Cole Beasley made several terrific plays including one for a touchdown.

I take of my hat to Demarco Murray, he showed heart and courage. He played with a fractured left hand and with pain. Thanks for being a team player and sacrificing your health for the good of the team and our very own Cowboy Nation.

The Offensive Line was as terrific as they’ve been all year. Without those guys playing with high intensity and domination. We wouldn’t be where we are today, 11 wins and only 4 losses.

Who needs ‘Luck’ when you have Romo…

Romo performed like a Maestro directing an Orchestra, he was flawless in virtually every throw. He threw left, middle, right, and long. Every pass he threw added to his outstanding career, stats and records.

On Sunday afternoon Tony Romo broke another Dallas Cowboys club record. He broke Troy Aikman’s record for the most passing yards in club history.

I believe that our Quarterback Tony Romo is worthy of being in the NFL MVP discussion. It’s too bad so many football analysts including some in the NFL Network  and ESPN First Take don’t think so. This people are a bunch of hating idiots and have a certain bias against him.

The good news in all this is that the Philadelphia EAGLES are NOW ELIMINATED FROM THE PLAYOFFS!!!!


The Dallas Cowboys reclaim their spot at the top of the NFC East once again.


Final Score:

Indianapolis Colts: 7

Dallas Cowboys: 42

JTRACKER48 COMPASS AWARD is presented to Tony Romo (a.k.a. Blood and Guts) for his great pocket presence, leadership and his winning ways. Plus for another football record added to his name.

This loss firmly established Tony Romo as the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a valiant Romo-less fight.The losing effort firmly established Tony Romo as the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys.

Today you’re not going to read too much about who was responsible for the loss and why because the fact of the matter is that the assignment of blame is not that important. What IS important is how the Dallas Cowboys organization as a whole is handling the injury to their Superstar Quarterback. What they are saying publicly is affecting people’s perception of the Cowboys on several fronts.

First and foremost I am not a doctor nor did I play one on TV. However, I did research where the Transverse Process (TP) bone is located and its function.



As you can see on the image above the “TP” is right by the ever so important Spinal Cord.

The impact of a knee to Tony’s back was so harsh that it fractured the bone in two places. A bone that is part of the vertebra and which helps to secure the Spinal Cord in place.

Knowing what I know now, Romo should be allowed all the time in the world to feel out his back. If he has an inkling of discomfort he should be rested and shouldn’t be allowed to play. This injury could not only be season ending but could also be life changing as well.

I would most definitely not have Jerry Jones express his thoughts on the national media. Saying that Tony is definitely going to London and that he will play. What the heck is that all about?

This is the reason Jerry Jones is hated even amongst the most rabid of Cowboys fans. He just doesn’t get it and usually talks out of his ass simply because he is the Owner, President, and General Manager.

Jerry when you speak everyone listens…especially those under you. Yea those doctors, coaches, and players you write the checks to are influenced by every word that comes out of your mouth so be more cautious when discussing your injured players.

Romo stop taking the example from the Black Knight. Remember football is your employment, not your life. You and you alone can decide when it’s the best time to come back.

The injury you suffered could have been a life changing event NOT a scratch.  You have a family, Hawkins your young son and wife Candice.You have a whole life ahead of you after football; think about that.

Tony, you’ve done well and you have proven yourself worthy.


“You fight with the strength of many men Sir Tony Romo, but.” 


This morning as I sat there at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Hospital and patiently waited for my name to be called. Watched and listened to the ESPN hosts discuss the situation the Dallas Cowboys found themselves with, another Romo back injury.

I pondered what if…

Tony Romo isn’t ready and should not start on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. He is the starter but after the debacle that was last Sunday’s game against the Redskins. The fact that he appeared to be in pain throughout the game, sacked five times,  plus the recipient of a monstrous knee to the lower back.

It is time to see beyond the Arizona Cardinals and put the whole season in perspective, one game does not define the season. The next game promises to bring the same defensive scheme with better execution.

Romo is hurt and the Cowboys can NOT afford to lose him for a prolonged period of time.  The Owner, President, and GM should save Romo from himself. Romo is a competitor like non other, he has played with punctured lungs, cracked ribs, injured back, and an injured ankle. He will play if given the chance, its time to save ROMO from HIMSELF!

Romo I love you man but you remind me of the Black Night in the movie, “MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL-BLACK NIGHT”


***If the video won’t play on your smart phone play it on your laptop or desk top.*****

Don’t be like the Black Night, you need to have some sense and allow your body more time to recover before continuing on your quest.

For all you folks that regularly read my blog you know I have always stood by Tony Romo. I admire his grit, his heart and play. But I’ve got to tell you Tony, please sit this one out.

JT48 prediction:

Cardinals: 28

Cowboys: 24