NFL power rankings: Cowboys, Broncos top list after Week 6

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The Cowboys detonate the “Boom” in Seattle’s own house

Dallas Cowboys                              30 – 23                            Seattle Seahawks

(5-1)                                                                                           (3-2)

The football world is in shock over the domination the Dallas Cowboys displayed over the defending Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks.

From the start of the game the Cowboys Defense showed poise and that they belonged in the same league with the defending world champions.  However, a couple errors in the first quarter of the game were costly. Tony Romo got injured and on the following play the punt was blocked, recovered and ran back for a Seahawk touchdown.

At this point, even though it was early in the game, a very anxious feeling came over me. Perhaps it was knowing that the Cowboys were not playing in their house, they were playing in theirs. They had home field advantage with a real 12th man presence, and the fact that virtually every professional analyst stated that the Cowboys didn’t have a chance. I, jtracker48 began to doubt.

The staunchest Dallas Cowboys fan north of Brownsville Texas became uncertain of the final outcome. However, just as quickly as that emotion came creeping into my head it disappeared because I believed this team is better than most people think.

The fact is that if not for the Special Teams turnovers and one Romo fumble the Cowboys would have beaten them by about 3 scores. The Offense is playing lights out football and during the game it showed with the dominance of the Seahawks #1 Defense. The Offensive Line created huge holes for Murray and Randal and for the most part held the line and protected Romo.

The no name Cowboys Defense stopped Seattle with just 206 total yards and 9 first downs. There is no way around it; this team is for real and today the Cowboys out bullied the bullies . Nevertheless, the Cowboys haters will come out with some drummed out line that the Seahawks beat themselves or some other B.S. They will try and find fault with the Seahawks for losing and not give credit where credit is due; the Dallas Cowboys.

The Time of Possession, (Cowboys 37:39/Seattle 22:21) was won by Dallas and this proved to be critical for the outcome of the final score.  Cowboys also dominated the first down stats with 23 to 9, how good is that?

So for all you haters out there especially “Stephen A Smith” that dude from, “ESPN first take”. You must eat crow and some other unmentionables. You should now wear Tony Romo’s Jersey because your mouth ran too much and to fast that your brain couldn’t cash in. You made a bet with your co-host Skip Bayless so time to pay up loser, see link; (

Top 4 Standouts:

  1. DeMarco Murray, 2. Tony Romo, 3. Offensive Line, 4. Terrance Williams

*JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to:  DeMarco Murray for his outstanding running play which catapulted the Cowboys to a 5-1 start.

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks


Dallas Cowboys at: Seattle Seahawks

Location: Seattle Washington

Date: October 12, 2014

Time: 1530 hours

Network: Fox

The rivalries between these two teams go back 38 years almost to the day when they played each other for the first time. These two teams have played a total of 15 games with the Cowboys winning 9 and losing 6. Of course for most of those games the Seahawks weren’t as good as they are today, but neither were the Cowboys.

The Seahawks are currently the Super Bowl Champions and are a force to be recon with. So no matter what we say or think about the Seahawks they are still the reigning NFL champions and are playing as such. Their Defense overall is ranked #1, they have 2 very good cornerbacks in Sherman and Shead and on Offense they gave a great Quarterback in Russel Wilson.

The Cowboys are finally playing well enough to compete with any team out there. Yes, including the #1 overall Defense in Seattle. But the experts are calling this a Dallas Cowboys beat down at the hands of the Seahawks. In my mind the Seahawks have a slight edge due to the home field advantage and that’s about it.

The strategy Garrett should use is to keep a balance attack on Offense at 50-50. Have Murray and Randle run the ball and Tony (Houdini) Romo execute his magic all over the field when needed. Keep our dynamic Offense on the field as much as possible and keep Russell Wilson and his offense as spectators on the bench. For God sakes don’t turn the ball over because with this team we can’t afford to be careless. At all costs we must win the time of possession because if we don’t the alternative is not good.

I believe that this will be a true test of where we are today and if we lose this game so be it. A defeat won’t ruin our chances of competing for the NFC East title and a playoff spot ,far from it. It’s still too early in the season and I’m getting too far ahead of myself for that discussion.

Love or hate the Cowboys when they play fans on both side of the fence always carry a lot of emotion to the game. Basically its us Cowboys fans against everyone else.Hell friends tell me they don’t care who plays against the Cowboys because no matter what team plays them they will always root for the other team. Guess that’s why the Cowboys are the most watched and talked about franchise in American sports. Furthermore, this is why year after year they remain atop of the television ratings, its because the boys are truly, “America’s Team”.

JT’s prediction”

Dallas: 21

Seahawks: 20

JJ Whatt!?

In the last blog I described how JJ Watt is the most prolific defensive player the Houston Texans Defense has. He is the Captain and soul of that defensive squad and without his big plays the Texans usually lose. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen the Cowboys Offensive Line held up and it held up extremely well, it was almost as if I was watching the O-line of the early 90s. Watt was soundly beaten on virtually every play. In essence he was a non-factor in Sunday’s game and thanks to our own Defense we came out on top with a humongous overtime TEXAS victory. Our Defensive Line was so darn impressive it reminded me of our old 70’s Doomsday Defense. Tony (Houdini) Romo played his usual style of quarterback play, he made some great throws and made a great escape against the great (perhaps play of the year) JJ Watt.wpid-screenshot_2014-10-05-21-40-12.png It seemed that Romo had eyes in the back of his head by the way he moved against the threat of a Watt sack. Romo made the most incredible dodge, spin and roll I’d seen all season long. Watt, to his dismay ended catching Romo’s shadow and a little bit of grass as well. Romo immediately recovered rolled around and threw the most incredible bomb to Terrance Williams for a 43 yard touchdown pass. The Cowboys fans became very worried in the 4th quarter when the Texans decided to give the Cowboys Defense a huge dose of Andre Johnson and Arian Foster. Both of these players helped the Texans tie at 17-17 and a guaranteed extra quarter of play in overtime. During overtime both offenses had their chance but on 3rd down coach Garret decided it was time for Dan Bailey to finally drive the stake through the Texans heart. Cowboys won by 3 points and upped their record to 4-1 which ties the Philadelphia Eagles at the top of the NFC East. They also retained the Texas Governor’s Cup and the bragging rights for 4 more years. This game was touted as the game of the week by some of the NFL analysts, guess they were right. Although I prefer to call this, the game of the year. Mr. Jerry Jones, we won! Now let that other rich bastard Mr. Bob McNair cry for his loss in the greatest sports venue on earth, “Jerry’s World”. Top 4 Standouts: 1. Offensive Line, 2. Tony Romo, 3. Defensive Line, and 4.Dez Bryant *JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD* is awarded to: Offensive Line for the again terrific blocking, holding the line and for stopping and making JJ Watt irrelevant for this game. I was a very lucky man to have witnessed this game in person at the AT&T stadium. The feeling of being there was indescribable but emotional. It was worth every hard earned dime I spent for the game tickets.


** I spent this super exciting day with the most wonderful Dallas Cowboys fan I know, my Wife.

TEXANS to visit COWBOYS on Sunday afternoon for the Texas Governor’s Cup showdown

The Houston Texans are visiting the Dallas Cowboys this coming Sunday afternoon and it’s going to be a huge Texas football showdown. This rivalry is enormous in the Lone Star State especially in the Houston and “everywhere else” in the Texas zip codes area.

This rivalry usually flies underneath the national radar but Sunday’s game is going to be more than for bragging rights, it’s to remain at the top of their respective divisions and for the much acclaimed Texas Governor’s Cup .

Let’s begin by stating the obvious, Justin James Watt IS the Texans Defense. Watt can do it all, he is the best Defensive End in football that I’ve ever seen. No one in that position dominates a game like he does, no one. At just 25 years of age and in his 4th year in the league in between the end zones he has virtually done it all .

Just this year alone against the Oakland Raiders Watt caught an offensive pass for a touchdown and last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills he blocked then intercepted the ball for an 80 yard return to include a pick 6. Wow!

The Texans achilles heal is the Offense and in particular the Quarterback but to put it simply the entire offense suck.

The Dallas Cowboys are firing perfectly on all cylinders and hoping for more of the same this weekend. Romo looks great, Murray looks great, the Offensive Line looks great and the Defense looks good. But for this particular game, good is all that is required for the Cowboys to come out on top.

Earlier in the week I heard Jerry Jones admit that in his 25 year ownership he had cried at the conclusion of only three football games. He stated that the loss against the Houston Texans in 2002 was on that list.

Jerry I can bet you a fajita taco that you will not have to cry at the conclusion of this game. Why you ask, well keep on reading and at the conclusion of this narrative you will find out why.

I give the edge to the Dallas Cowboys because overall they have a much better coached team. They are playing with high intensity and emotion, and because they have bought into what the Coordinators sold them.

p.s. I will be watching this game live and in person at AT&T Stadium!20121205_135835-1

JT’s Prediction:

Houston Texans: 12

Dallas Cowboys:  28

The Saints came marching in and left limping out

OMG. Who dat? no, Who wat? no, Who kicked your ass!

This game turned out to be an ass whooping or what?! I knew the Cowboys were going to beat them but beat them senseless?

I believe that Sunday’s game was perhaps the awakening of America’s Team. The Cowboys appear to have believed in the new philosphy the Coordinators and Head Coach have been preaching. The Offensive Coordinator Bill Calahan has helped put together a very strong/stout Offensive Line. This change in tactical prowess has allowed the running backs, tight ends and receivers to have success. Murray is now leading the NFL in yardage play from scrimmage and in turn Romo has had phenomenal success throwing the ball, dam Romo should be nicknamed Houdini for all those crazy moves he made. Romo looked fantastic out there but on a couple plays he looked as if his back was bothering him.

On Defense Rod Marinelli received the reigns from Monte Kiffin and has now produced what appears thus far to be a very good Defense. On both sides of the ball they look more focused and crisp and it shows by the way they are playing. Most everyone I’ve interviewed has said that the Saints have a great offense but that they were flat out stopped by the Cowboys Defense, of course I agree.

Some of the so called expert analyists are alredy being negative and proclaiming that the beat down the Saints received at the hands of the Cowboys was a mirage and that we should not believe our eyes. Well excuse me Mr experts, I see what I see and what I see so far is a very balance  and well coached team.

This could very well be our year, now I know we have a very difficult schedule left to play but dam they played good on Sunday Night and we expect more of the same.

Top 4 Standouts:

1. Offensive Line 2. Demarco Murray 3. Romo 4. T. Williams

JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is awarded to the:  Offensive Line for their terrific blocking and for holding the line.

Needless to say there are two camps when talking Cowboys. First is the camp I belong to, the real fan, the believer, and no matter how well or not they do we give them the benefit of the doubt.

The second camp is where all the bandwagon, disbelievers, and haters gather together to drink the kool-aid.

Where do you stand my friend?