About Jtracker48


I have been a true Dallas Cowboys fan since the Roger Staubach era. I’ve seen this team in the ups and downs but through it all have remained a steadfast fan.

I have lived virtually all over the USA and a couple years overseas. While overseas as a Service Member one of the things (during NFL season) I looked forward to hearing about was how well or not the Cowboys had performed last.

I’ve got to tell you back in the day there was the Dallas Cowboys fans and everyone else, just like it is today. Funny how the more things change the more they remain un-changed.

I write about the Dallas Cowboys because I enjoy it. It entertains my family, friends, other readers and me. I write when time permits, don’t mind the effort and don’t get paid, but it’s all good.

My family and I live in Cowboys rival territory, Houston Texas. Probably will stay here for the remainder of my life, but one thing is certain.

I love my wife. When I die, I will be buried with a Dallas Cowboys jersey and, I will continue to be in Heaven.

Go Cowboys!


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