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Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks


Dallas Cowboys at: Seattle Seahawks

Location: Seattle Washington

Date: October 12, 2014

Time: 1530 hours

Network: Fox

The rivalries between these two teams go back 38 years almost to the day when they played each other for the first time. These two teams have played a total of 15 games with the Cowboys winning 9 and losing 6. Of course for most of those games the Seahawks weren’t as good as they are today, but neither were the Cowboys.

The Seahawks are currently the Super Bowl Champions and are a force to be recon with. So no matter what we say or think about the Seahawks they are still the reigning NFL champions and are playing as such. Their Defense overall is ranked #1, they have 2 very good cornerbacks in Sherman and Shead and on Offense they gave a great Quarterback in Russel Wilson.

The Cowboys are finally playing well enough to compete with any team out there. Yes, including the #1 overall Defense in Seattle. But the experts are calling this a Dallas Cowboys beat down at the hands of the Seahawks. In my mind the Seahawks have a slight edge due to the home field advantage and that’s about it.

The strategy Garrett should use is to keep a balance attack on Offense at 50-50. Have Murray and Randle run the ball and Tony (Houdini) Romo execute his magic all over the field when needed. Keep our dynamic Offense on the field as much as possible and keep Russell Wilson and his offense as spectators on the bench. For God sakes don’t turn the ball over because with this team we can’t afford to be careless. At all costs we must win the time of possession because if we don’t the alternative is not good.

I believe that this will be a true test of where we are today and if we lose this game so be it. A defeat won’t ruin our chances of competing for the NFC East title and a playoff spot ,far from it. It’s still too early in the season and I’m getting too far ahead of myself for that discussion.

Love or hate the Cowboys when they play fans on both side of the fence always carry a lot of emotion to the game. Basically its us Cowboys fans against everyone else.Hell friends tell me they don’t care who plays against the Cowboys because no matter what team plays them they will always root for the other team. Guess that’s why the Cowboys are the most watched and talked about franchise in American sports. Furthermore, this is why year after year they remain atop of the television ratings, its because the boys are truly, “America’s Team”.

JT’s prediction”

Dallas: 21

Seahawks: 20