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So we now know Demarco “One Great Season” Murray has crossed over to our arch nemesis, the Philadelphia Eagles. It appears he is more interested in money rather than a probable Cowboys Super Bowl Championship run.

Personally, I don’t care. If that’s what he wants well: “bye”.

I enjoyed watching Murray play but was near cardiac arrest each time he rushed with the football. I hadn’t mentioned this before but if there was “one” play in the Cowboys Playoff loss to Green Bay we could have done without was Demarco’s fumble. That fumble changed the complexity of the game and the eventual outcome…and yes Dez caught the ball!!!

Out with the old and in with the new, Darren McFadden.

Just hours after Demarco Murray decided to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles,the Dallas Cowboys front office sought out Darren McFadden. He was signed to a 2 year contract worth up to $5.8 million dollars with a guaranteed $200,000 signing bonus. Up until that point,  Jtracker48 and the legions of Dallas Cowboys fans hadn’t heard too much of the University of Arkansas superstar running back. He was just another highly skilled collegiate football player with so much potential. He was drafted 4th overall by the Oakland Raiders but after years of so many ups and downs,well mostly downs, the team decided to release him.

I believe Darren McFadden will do great things for the Dallas Cowboys. He will have a much better offensive line to open bigger running lanes, much better receivers to keep the defenders in check, and a much better quarterback to make key decisions before the snap.If he isn’t as good as we need him to be the Cowboys can simply give him his walking papers and pull that roster spot out from under him and give it to someone more deserving.

Stephen Jones appears to be in full control of personnel decisions. I think the era of Jerry Jones making all sorts of crazy hires is over.

In Stephen Jones I trust.



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