Cowboys dominated the Redskins 44-17 and now are ready to compete in the playoffs

Beating the Redskins 44-17 showed the National Football League, fans, players and TV personalities that the 2014 Dallas Cowboys were for real.  They are no longer push-overs and can travel to any opponent’s house and come out with a win. Hell they proved it 8 times this year and tied for the best record in the NFL 12-4.

We are now in the Playoffs and apparently, the Dallas Cowboys are being disrespected again. The TV talking heads have made the Boys’ the underdogs of the NFC. Only one better than the Panthers, how pathetic is that!

The fact of the matter is the Cowboys are playing lights out football and this December was one to remember. Tony’s December demons were sent to hell and the 4-0 Angelic numbers appeared in their place. But it didn’t stop there, several players broke long standing records. Six players were selected to the Pro Bowl and one is in the discussion for MVP for 2014.


For more than a week on Facebook and Tweeter, ‘Tony Romo for MVP’ was our battle cry. The posts, tweets and re-tweets on behalf of Romo for MVP was so much that it was trending on TWEETER.

Romo played through severe pain, broken ribs,  broken transverse process bones, and surgeries. Even with all those difficulties he has the best QB Passer Rating, best Total QBR, best yards/attempts, best completion percentage, best record 12-3 as a starting QB, got Jerry Jones his NFC East title, and directed the Boys’ to playoff spot. Lead the Jews to the promise land, parted the red sea, spoke to God himself, oh wow guess I got a little carried away…

What’s the problem? The MVP should be awarded to Tony Romo’s period end of story. I believe J.J. Watt—should also be considered for MVP but only second to Tony Romo.


Anyway, I’ve got to go because family members from out of town are arriving and I have to cook fried redfish and some other fixings.

I would like to thank each of you that viewed, read, and commented on this blog. I really appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My prayer is that you have a Great New Year and that all the desires of your heart be granted.



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