The easiest way for the Eagles to eat crow is while it’s still warm

Last night’s Cowboys win over the Eagles capped a great weekend for me.

On Saturday I caught a great looking fish I named, “el Big Rojo”. On Sunday the Boy’s shot down those high flying eagles, 38-27, and my wife finally made it home after being gone for several days. Oh how sweet it is…

The biggest troublemaker in my life watches me shave my face in the mirror every morning. She is the Lamb and I the Lion. We have a great love story and while she was gone, she was sorely missed and like Forest Gump said, “That’s all I got to say about that.”


My Kompa and I traveled to Rollover Pass and other areas in the Galveston vicinity.

20141213_134055 (1)

(The photo above shows images that are not as big as they appear. Fish is actually 7 inches and weighs 1 pound. I am actually skinny but look fat because of the 50+ pounds the camera added.)

The day was very cold and windy but instead of packing up and going home early, I decided to bring home some fish.

In Sunday night’s win Romo showed his great pocket presence and instinct. He threw for 265 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions for a rating of 129.

No doubt Tony is playing extremely well this season, in fact Pro-bowl caliber play. Funny how no NFL analysts out there mentions Pro-bowl and Tony Romo in the same breath. Wondering if its because of the Star on his helmet or that he plays for America’s Team.

Dez Bryant showed us why he belongs in the conversation with the current great NFL receivers. His elite receiver status should no longer be in question and should be considered for a Pro-bowl selection this year. Did you see how he made those three touchdowns catches look like child’s play? Man that was good!

Murray ran the ball over 30 times but couldn’t go over the century mark. Unfortunately, in the process of gaining more yards he fractured his left hand and may be out for a week or more.

And finally got to give it up to the Dallas Coaching staff, they learned from the previous encounter and made the necessary adjustments. Consequently beat the Eagles in their own house and made those Sheagles fans eat crow. Yea and its still warm…

We winning in December people and how bout them Cowboys!

Final Score:

Dallas Cowboys: 38

Philadelphia: 27

TOP Standouts:

1. Tony Romo

2. Dez Bryant

3. Terrell McClain

4. Zack Martin

JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to Tony Romo (a.k.a. Blood and Guts) because of his great pocket presence, accuracy and leadership.


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