Dallas Cowboys hand a shellacking to the Chicago Bears


The anxious Cowboys avenged last year’s humiliating loss to the Chicago Bears by a score of 41-28. The shellacking the Bears received last night is almost identical to the ass kicking Dallas received at the paws of the Bears last year (28-45). Revenge, oh how sweet it is.

Not surprisingly, when the Offensive Line holds Dr. Romo goes to work and performs exceptionally well. He surgically dissects any defense before him with pinpoint accuracy, grace and ease. He can do all that and more while playing with a broken rib, injured back and other surgical procedures done this year.

(For the life of me, I will never comprehend why so many football fans out there don’t appreciate #09.)

Let’s give props where props are due. How about the phenomenal play of Demarco Murray?  He rushed for 179 yards and 1 touchdown. He also provided great pass rush blocking and caught the ball several times. Now that is impressive.

The “secret squirrel” playmaker, Cole Beasley, zigged and zagged all over the field. He ended up with two very impressive touchdowns. Kudos to him. Beasley should be used a lot more often, especially during 3rd and long.


As I predicted last week, Dallas was in prime position to shellac the Bears. After all, the Cowboys were coming from a major ass kicking themselves and were eager for a fight. Also the Boys’ are playing better than last year and the Bears are not as bad ass as they once were.

I know what all the haters are going to say, “Well, the Bears suck”, but as you know, no matter how much a team sucks, when they go up against their rival they will outperform expectations. Hell, just look at the 9-3 Patriots; they got beat by none other than the Miami Dolphins (7-5) earlier this year.

Make no mistake about it, the Cowboys are in full galloping stride and are not planning to slow down ‘til they get to the finish line. Of course the finish line is a win in the biggest sporting event of the world: dated February 1, 2015.

Go Cowboys!!!!

Final Score:

Dallas Cowboys: 41

Chicago Bears: 28

Top Standouts:

  1. Tony Romo
  2. DeMarco Murray
  3. Offense Line
  4. Cole Beasley

JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to Tony Romo (a.k.a. Blood and Guts) because he is driven to win, pain tolerance, and the ability to extend plays and win.


One thought on “Dallas Cowboys hand a shellacking to the Chicago Bears”

  1. That was a good game. Those players all did their job very well. I second this blog!!! You are an exceptional blogger! Your blog is informative and entertaining. *Encore*


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