Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears


Hello fellow Dallas Cowboys fans, hope your Thanksgiving Day found you in good spirits, good health and was enjoyed by all people you care for most.

Now I know our Dallas Cowboys were massacred on that date but what can I say that will have the effect of a silver lining. Oh yea, this year I predicted that the games against the Eagles were going to be split. Meaning Eagles would win one and Dallas would win the other. (Therefore, I predict Dallas will win in Philly by +4 points)

As for the Chicago Bears (5-7), they are going to receive an ass kicking from the anxious Boys’. Make no mistake Dallas is in playoff mode . The Cowboys cannot afford to lose a single game or else. The or else is a probable, no trip to the playoffs.

On December 9, 2013 the underdog Chicago Bears embarrassed  the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 45-28. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the Cowboys have not won against the Bears since 2007!

The Bears have a 3 game winning streak, so this game will not be easy. This year’s Dallas Cowboys surely won’t allow a repeat of last year’s shellacking!

JT48’s prediction

Dallas: 24

Bears: 20

p.s. Was unable to write a post because of the holidays and family gatherings. But I’ll continue to write whenever possible.


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