Why are Dallas Cowboys fans loathed?

cowboys helmet

If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a million and one times, “Cowboys fans are obnoxious”, “stop living in the past, and “they won those Super Bowls a very long time ago you all need to live in the present.”

Having been a Dallas Cowboys fan all my life and remembering hearing this very same statements back in the 1980’s and still today, really chaps my hide. As some of you may know when a rival fans pisses you off they’ll immediately say, “man, don’t take it personal.”

Well I’m here to inform them that I do take it personal because even though I don’t work for or own a share of the Dallas Cowboys. I have throughout the years invested a lot of time, effort, and emotion in to the organization and because of it I feel it necessary to stand up for my, Dallas Cowboys!

What makes the Dallas Cowboys team so special in the hearts and mind of many but hated by so many others?

I’ve noticed that there is no other NFL fanatic out there than can say well, “I kind of like them” or “I nothing them”. There is always two extremes, its either; “I love the Cowboys” or “I detest the Cowboys and their fans.’”

Why is it that you can have a crowd of a couple hundred people and someone out of the blue asks; “Who likes the Dallas Cowboys?” Guarantee you will have the Cowboys fans roar with enthusiasm but then hear the rest of people boo just as loud too. That’s why the Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team” because love them or hate them, it always turns emotional for both sides of the fence.

However, if you mention any other NFL team you’ll only here that particular fan base scream and everyone else keep quiet.

I believe the rest of the sports fans out there are simply, Jealous. Jealous of the notoriety and constant media attention the Boys’ receive, period.

I believe that the “Star” proudly worn on their helmet is special e.g., Sheriff Deputies wear the “Star”; Lone Wolf McQuade wore the “Star”. Texas is the “Lone STAR State”. When famous people become “Stars” everyone out there want to touch and socialize with them, and when “stars” become even more famous they are then called “Super Stars” or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, get the picture…


Cowboys are not like, “You Americans, you’re a bunch of Cowboys”, no not that type of Cowboys. We are neither reckless nor irresponsible people, we may show off just a tad and what’s wrong with that?

In the tradition of the northern Mexican “vaquero” of the late 1800’s to be called a Cowboy was and continues to be synonymous with a person of special significance and legend.

Now you know the rest of the story, what say you?


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