America’s Team looking for another big “D” day celebration in London


Who better to represent America’s premiere sport than America’s Team: The Dallas Cowboys? The ‘Boys are well loved and revered in all four corners of the globe and perhaps somewhere in the outer regions of space.

For the Dallas Cowboys it will be the 10th time they have been invited to play away from the USA. That’s more than any other NFL professional club in history for those of you counting.

Why do you think that is?


The ‘Boys have played in Mexico four times, in Canada once, and twice in Japan. Almost covered the 4 corners of the earth. The only place they have left to play is somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East. But since the Cowboys are, “America’s Team”, I doubt we’ll see that in our lifetime. Because like Jeff Dunham says, “I kill you” may be present and…

The Cowboys have a huge international following and if I was a betting man I would guess this is another reason why the ‘Boys are so revered throughout the world but hated amongst the professional football fanatics of other teams.


Now let’s not forget that the Jaguars have owned the Cowboys two out of the last three games. So we can’t take this team too lightly and look beyond them. They may not have a great record but they are good enough to upset the ‘Boys if we aren’t careful.

Romo is listed as probable for this game…probable? Yea right, he is playing.

JT48’s prediction:

Dallas Cowboys: 31

Jacksonville Jaguars: 16


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