This loss firmly established Tony Romo as the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a valiant Romo-less fight.The losing effort firmly established Tony Romo as the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys.

Today you’re not going to read too much about who was responsible for the loss and why because the fact of the matter is that the assignment of blame is not that important. What IS important is how the Dallas Cowboys organization as a whole is handling the injury to their Superstar Quarterback. What they are saying publicly is affecting people’s perception of the Cowboys on several fronts.

First and foremost I am not a doctor nor did I play one on TV. However, I did research where the Transverse Process (TP) bone is located and its function.



As you can see on the image above the “TP” is right by the ever so important Spinal Cord.

The impact of a knee to Tony’s back was so harsh that it fractured the bone in two places. A bone that is part of the vertebra and which helps to secure the Spinal Cord in place.

Knowing what I know now, Romo should be allowed all the time in the world to feel out his back. If he has an inkling of discomfort he should be rested and shouldn’t be allowed to play. This injury could not only be season ending but could also be life changing as well.

I would most definitely not have Jerry Jones express his thoughts on the national media. Saying that Tony is definitely going to London and that he will play. What the heck is that all about?

This is the reason Jerry Jones is hated even amongst the most rabid of Cowboys fans. He just doesn’t get it and usually talks out of his ass simply because he is the Owner, President, and General Manager.

Jerry when you speak everyone listens…especially those under you. Yea those doctors, coaches, and players you write the checks to are influenced by every word that comes out of your mouth so be more cautious when discussing your injured players.

Romo stop taking the example from the Black Knight. Remember football is your employment, not your life. You and you alone can decide when it’s the best time to come back.

The injury you suffered could have been a life changing event NOT a scratch.  You have a family, Hawkins your young son and wife Candice.You have a whole life ahead of you after football; think about that.

Tony, you’ve done well and you have proven yourself worthy.



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