“You fight with the strength of many men Sir Tony Romo, but.” 


This morning as I sat there at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Hospital and patiently waited for my name to be called. Watched and listened to the ESPN hosts discuss the situation the Dallas Cowboys found themselves with, another Romo back injury.

I pondered what if…

Tony Romo isn’t ready and should not start on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. He is the starter but after the debacle that was last Sunday’s game against the Redskins. The fact that he appeared to be in pain throughout the game, sacked five times,  plus the recipient of a monstrous knee to the lower back.

It is time to see beyond the Arizona Cardinals and put the whole season in perspective, one game does not define the season. The next game promises to bring the same defensive scheme with better execution.

Romo is hurt and the Cowboys can NOT afford to lose him for a prolonged period of time.  The Owner, President, and GM should save Romo from himself. Romo is a competitor like non other, he has played with punctured lungs, cracked ribs, injured back, and an injured ankle. He will play if given the chance, its time to save ROMO from HIMSELF!

Romo I love you man but you remind me of the Black Night in the movie, “MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL-BLACK NIGHT”


***If the video won’t play on your smart phone play it on your laptop or desk top.*****

Don’t be like the Black Night, you need to have some sense and allow your body more time to recover before continuing on your quest.

For all you folks that regularly read my blog you know I have always stood by Tony Romo. I admire his grit, his heart and play. But I’ve got to tell you Tony, please sit this one out.

JT48 prediction:

Cardinals: 28

Cowboys: 24


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