Why are Dallas Cowboys fans loathed?

cowboys helmet

If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a million and one times, “Cowboys fans are obnoxious”, “stop living in the past, and “they won those Super Bowls a very long time ago you all need to live in the present.”

Having been a Dallas Cowboys fan all my life and remembering hearing this very same statements back in the 1980’s and still today, really chaps my hide. As some of you may know when a rival fans pisses you off they’ll immediately say, “man, don’t take it personal.”

Well I’m here to inform them that I do take it personal because even though I don’t work for or own a share of the Dallas Cowboys. I have throughout the years invested a lot of time, effort, and emotion in to the organization and because of it I feel it necessary to stand up for my, Dallas Cowboys!

What makes the Dallas Cowboys team so special in the hearts and mind of many but hated by so many others?

I’ve noticed that there is no other NFL fanatic out there than can say well, “I kind of like them” or “I nothing them”. There is always two extremes, its either; “I love the Cowboys” or “I detest the Cowboys and their fans.’”

Why is it that you can have a crowd of a couple hundred people and someone out of the blue asks; “Who likes the Dallas Cowboys?” Guarantee you will have the Cowboys fans roar with enthusiasm but then hear the rest of people boo just as loud too. That’s why the Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team” because love them or hate them, it always turns emotional for both sides of the fence.

However, if you mention any other NFL team you’ll only here that particular fan base scream and everyone else keep quiet.

I believe the rest of the sports fans out there are simply, Jealous. Jealous of the notoriety and constant media attention the Boys’ receive, period.

I believe that the “Star” proudly worn on their helmet is special e.g., Sheriff Deputies wear the “Star”; Lone Wolf McQuade wore the “Star”. Texas is the “Lone STAR State”. When famous people become “Stars” everyone out there want to touch and socialize with them, and when “stars” become even more famous they are then called “Super Stars” or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, get the picture…


Cowboys are not like, “You Americans, you’re a bunch of Cowboys”, no not that type of Cowboys. We are neither reckless nor irresponsible people, we may show off just a tad and what’s wrong with that?

In the tradition of the northern Mexican “vaquero” of the late 1800’s to be called a Cowboy was and continues to be synonymous with a person of special significance and legend.

Now you know the rest of the story, what say you?




Hope you always remember the Veterans that served our Nation, especially on Veterans Day!

After the beat down the Jaguars received at the hands of America’s Team, “V-E” Day was proclaimed. Millions of fanatics throughout the world gathered in the streets of Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Mexico and even as far as Humble, Texas to celebrate.

Each rival had orders from their Superiors to win at all costs. Both teams fought valiantly.They fought for their Nation. Their City. Their fans. And each other. Both teams showcased their superstars; placed them on the front lines but in the end…there could be only ONE!

General Romo (aka ‘Blood and Guts’) led the Commander Wembley Forces Dallas Cowboys’ (COMWEBFORDCBOYS).   ‘Blood and guts’,a veteran of numerous historical campaigns, was the most trusted Commander Cowboys Nation had at its disposal.

COMWEBFORDCBOYS was the obvious expert in all tactical and strategic plays from scrimmage against all rivals. You see he had studied Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”.  He took his Cowboys up and down the field. Flanked and over ran enemy positions when needed. Continuously passed the ball to his trusted “X” man, Dez Bryant, who upon taking control of it ran with it like a monster possessed and did not surrender it until reaching rival headquarters.


“The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.” 

-Sun Tzu


As the last minutes of play winded down and the obvious was a foregone conclusion I began to wonder why the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys was still in there getting hit unnecessarily.

Why was Jerry Jones not walking the side lines and telling Head Coach Jason Garrett to pull his franchise quarterback out of the game? Why wasn’t anyone on the coaching staff making an argument that Romo could possibly get injured again…seriously, why not?

This was another great victory for the Cowboys even though ESPN first take analyst Steven A Smith says otherwise.  Smith stated that we should not get all excited about the win because we beat the “Jaguars”. Hell…this is football; you never know how well the rival teams are going to play you until you play. Its why we watch the game.

Take the Jets/Steelers game. Nobody, including Stephen A. Smith, thought that the lonely Jets were going to beat the red hot Steelers.

Romo captured another great record; 34 touchdowns of 50+ yards most in the NFL since 2006.

Murray went over 100 yards again, we back baby.

Final Score:

Dallas Cowboys: 31

Jacksonville Jaguars: 17

Top Standouts:

  1. Dez Bryant, 2. Tony Romo, 3. Offensive Line

JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to Tony Romo because without him the Cowboys are lost. This guy should be nicknamed “Blood and Guts” for his tolerance of pain and the ability to play with it.


Have a safe and wonderful day on Veterans Day!

“A Veteran-whether active duty, retired, national guard, or reserve is someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount of up to and including my life.”

America’s Team looking for another big “D” day celebration in London


Who better to represent America’s premiere sport than America’s Team: The Dallas Cowboys? The ‘Boys are well loved and revered in all four corners of the globe and perhaps somewhere in the outer regions of space.

For the Dallas Cowboys it will be the 10th time they have been invited to play away from the USA. That’s more than any other NFL professional club in history for those of you counting.

Why do you think that is?


The ‘Boys have played in Mexico four times, in Canada once, and twice in Japan. Almost covered the 4 corners of the earth. The only place they have left to play is somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East. But since the Cowboys are, “America’s Team”, I doubt we’ll see that in our lifetime. Because like Jeff Dunham says, “I kill you” may be present and…

The Cowboys have a huge international following and if I was a betting man I would guess this is another reason why the ‘Boys are so revered throughout the world but hated amongst the professional football fanatics of other teams.


Now let’s not forget that the Jaguars have owned the Cowboys two out of the last three games. So we can’t take this team too lightly and look beyond them. They may not have a great record but they are good enough to upset the ‘Boys if we aren’t careful.

Romo is listed as probable for this game…probable? Yea right, he is playing.

JT48’s prediction:

Dallas Cowboys: 31

Jacksonville Jaguars: 16

This loss firmly established Tony Romo as the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a valiant Romo-less fight.The losing effort firmly established Tony Romo as the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys.

Today you’re not going to read too much about who was responsible for the loss and why because the fact of the matter is that the assignment of blame is not that important. What IS important is how the Dallas Cowboys organization as a whole is handling the injury to their Superstar Quarterback. What they are saying publicly is affecting people’s perception of the Cowboys on several fronts.

First and foremost I am not a doctor nor did I play one on TV. However, I did research where the Transverse Process (TP) bone is located and its function.



As you can see on the image above the “TP” is right by the ever so important Spinal Cord.

The impact of a knee to Tony’s back was so harsh that it fractured the bone in two places. A bone that is part of the vertebra and which helps to secure the Spinal Cord in place.

Knowing what I know now, Romo should be allowed all the time in the world to feel out his back. If he has an inkling of discomfort he should be rested and shouldn’t be allowed to play. This injury could not only be season ending but could also be life changing as well.

I would most definitely not have Jerry Jones express his thoughts on the national media. Saying that Tony is definitely going to London and that he will play. What the heck is that all about?

This is the reason Jerry Jones is hated even amongst the most rabid of Cowboys fans. He just doesn’t get it and usually talks out of his ass simply because he is the Owner, President, and General Manager.

Jerry when you speak everyone listens…especially those under you. Yea those doctors, coaches, and players you write the checks to are influenced by every word that comes out of your mouth so be more cautious when discussing your injured players.

Romo stop taking the example from the Black Knight. Remember football is your employment, not your life. You and you alone can decide when it’s the best time to come back.

The injury you suffered could have been a life changing event NOT a scratch.  You have a family, Hawkins your young son and wife Candice.You have a whole life ahead of you after football; think about that.

Tony, you’ve done well and you have proven yourself worthy.


“You fight with the strength of many men Sir Tony Romo, but.” 


This morning as I sat there at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Hospital and patiently waited for my name to be called. Watched and listened to the ESPN hosts discuss the situation the Dallas Cowboys found themselves with, another Romo back injury.

I pondered what if…

Tony Romo isn’t ready and should not start on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. He is the starter but after the debacle that was last Sunday’s game against the Redskins. The fact that he appeared to be in pain throughout the game, sacked five times,  plus the recipient of a monstrous knee to the lower back.

It is time to see beyond the Arizona Cardinals and put the whole season in perspective, one game does not define the season. The next game promises to bring the same defensive scheme with better execution.

Romo is hurt and the Cowboys can NOT afford to lose him for a prolonged period of time.  The Owner, President, and GM should save Romo from himself. Romo is a competitor like non other, he has played with punctured lungs, cracked ribs, injured back, and an injured ankle. He will play if given the chance, its time to save ROMO from HIMSELF!

Romo I love you man but you remind me of the Black Night in the movie, “MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL-BLACK NIGHT”


***If the video won’t play on your smart phone play it on your laptop or desk top.*****

Don’t be like the Black Night, you need to have some sense and allow your body more time to recover before continuing on your quest.

For all you folks that regularly read my blog you know I have always stood by Tony Romo. I admire his grit, his heart and play. But I’ve got to tell you Tony, please sit this one out.

JT48 prediction:

Cardinals: 28

Cowboys: 24