It was the trick not a treat the Redskins forced upon the Cowboys on MNF loss.


As the seconds winded down and the obvious was about to happen the Cowboys appeared to be in disarray, confused, and defeated.

We Cowboys nation supporters should not be in disbelief over last night’s loss. We knew that somewhere along the season we were going to lose a couple or even a few games. Does it pisses us off that it was against the dreaded Redskins, sure. Does it pisses us off that this loss was against an NFC East opponent of course.

So what did we learn from last night’s debacle?

I’ll tell you what I learned; I learned that the Offensive Line didn’t play well; in fact they were regularly beaten with their continuous all out blitzes. They allowed 5 sacks, they allowed their Defense to kick Romo butt all over the back field, and most importantly the coaches couldn’t adapt and overcome their threat.

Furthermore, we couldn’t hang onto the ball; turnovers are a major problem with our running backs. The coaches have to do a better job of teaching our running backs the basics of ball security. Seriously, each time Murray runs with the ball it is obviously away from his body. It is nerve racking to see that each and every time he has the ball.

Where was out Defense?

We had a third string quarterback outplay our so called, “most improved Defense”.  The defensive unit including coaches should be ashamed of themselves. It was not only a loss to a division opponent, but it came in a humiliating fashion on national television.

This loss was a team effort, I’m not going to blame anyone player because there were just too many mistakes in all phases of the game.  The Cowboys will have to study the game film and find out what happened and improve on it.

I don’t know about you all but early on while my kompa and I were watching the game. I mentioned that Romo looked uncomfortable as if he was in pain. Of course later on the 3rd quarter Romo goes down and it looked as if he had re-aggravated his back. However, according to Jerry Jones and others, Romo is well just got a knee to his back and everything is all right.

Let’s make no mistake about it,  I did NOT agree with Garrett’s decision to allow Romo to play after he went down. It was obvious that Romo wasn’t himself throughout the game. Don’t understand why he was allowed to play,  just don’t get it.

Even though we lost the game we are still tied for first place in our division with Philadelphia. So let’s not panic, keep rooting for our Boys and let’s see where we end up at the conclusion of the season.

Head Coach J. Garrett let’s make some adjustments please we don’t want to show the rest of our opponents that we can’t handle the all-out blitz packages.

Final Score:

Washington Redskins: 20

Dallas Cowboys: 17

Go Cowboys!!!!


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