The Cowboys continue to avenge their losses of years past

ny giants loss ebola virus

The more the NFL season progresses the more impressive the Cowboys seem to play. They have won 6 straight games and in their wake they’ve left broken teams (Seahawks/Texans), injured players, and rival fans that literally have broken down in front of me.

Now I can’t say that I have enjoyed seeing those fans break down over their team losing to my Cowboys. However, I do enjoy seeing the other teams lose and lose big every chance I get.

Now, most of us have focused on the Offense because that’s where the ”Cowboys’ Avengers” play, Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, and Jason Witten, (aka) Captain America-Houdini, Thor, Hulk, and Spider-Man respectively.

However, the Defense is coming of age we still don’t have a solid pass rusher but the Defensive Lineman are controlling the line of scrimmage. The Linebackers and Cornerbacks are playing lights out and how about them Safetys man proud of those guys.

tony romo

Let’s reflect shall we…

For all those Romo haters out there that wanted him replaced, aren’t you glad Jerry Jones didn’t listen to your rants, or read your comments, or overheard your hate speach about arguably the best Quarterback Dallas has ever had.

Take away the San Francisco game and you can see that our Quarterback is special he has the abilities of Roger “Dodger” Stauback and the pin point accuracy Troy Aikmen displayed all those many years ago.

The Dallas Cowboys have been mediocore( 8-8) for all those years because of Romo not inspite of him. Trust me if it weren’t for #9 it would have been alot worst.

What was needed was a good Offensive line, a good runner and receivers that could make a difference. Oh, just like Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman had when they were at the top of the NFL mountain.

After the loss Coach Tom Coughlin admitted that even though the Giants played well the Cowboys defense out played them for most of the game especially in the last minutes of the games.

So let’s build a bigger wagon because this one is getting pretty full already.

Final Score:

New York Giants: 21

Dallas Cowboys:   31

Top  Standouts: 1. D. Bryant  2. B. Church 3. D. Murray 4. T. Romo

*JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to: Dez Bryant for all the outstanding catches and most of all for the leadership he displayed during the game. Let’s hope his leadership style is as contacious as the ebola virus.


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