New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

ny vs dallas

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Location: Arlington Texas

Date: Oct 19, 2014

Time: 1525

Network: Fox

The New York Giants are coming to town with a single purpose. To continue their great success in the AT&T Stadium and knock the high flying Cowboys back to ground level and reality.

After last week’s humiliating beat down at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants received more bad news that included a season ending knee injury to Victor Cruz.

The Giants (one of my least liked rivals) when playing in Arlington appear to have the Cowboys’ number. Although the series is led by the Cowboys at 59-42 2, it doesn’t reflect the whole picture. If you break it down when played at Cowboys Stadium/AT&T Stadium (depends on which stat site you get it from) the Giants are up 4-1.

No doubt about it on Sunday the Giants will be pumped and ready to go against the Cowboys. They are in a low and are aching to bring the Boys down to their level.

QB Eli Manning for some God forsaken reason usually at will dissects the Cowboys Defense. This guy is one of the luckiest QB’s around.  Perhaps when traveling to God’s country, some of his big brother’s aura rubs off on him …just saying.

The Cowboys are coming of a fantastic win over the world champs Seahawks. However, after the game all they have done is to bring the spotlight not on what they accomplished on the field, rather on what happened after.

The Boys shot themselves on the foot (again) and gave the haters more reasons to hate on them. Stupid, Stupid, and Stupid!

Unfortunately, we ended last week’s game with 11 reported injuries:

  1. WR Dez Bryant: Shoulder
  2. OLB Bruce Carter: Thigh
  3. DE Jack Crawford: Calf
  4. T Dough Free: Foot
  5. OLB Cameron Lawrence: Thigh
  6. MLB Ronaldo McLain: Groin/Personal
  7. RB DeMarco Murray: Illness
  8. T Jeremy Parnell: Chest
  9. QB Tony Romo: Back/Ankle
  10. T Tyron Smith: Ankle
  11. DE Antony Spencer: Knee/Foot

Sunday’s game might be closer than most people think. Giants are playing for a fallen comrade, plus always do well in Arlington.  The boys have several injuries and are coming down from last week’s high, plus self-inflicted distractions doesn’t help.


Giants: 24

Dallas:   31


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