The Cowboys detonate the “Boom” in Seattle’s own house

Dallas Cowboys                              30 – 23                            Seattle Seahawks

(5-1)                                                                                           (3-2)

The football world is in shock over the domination the Dallas Cowboys displayed over the defending Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks.

From the start of the game the Cowboys Defense showed poise and that they belonged in the same league with the defending world champions.  However, a couple errors in the first quarter of the game were costly. Tony Romo got injured and on the following play the punt was blocked, recovered and ran back for a Seahawk touchdown.

At this point, even though it was early in the game, a very anxious feeling came over me. Perhaps it was knowing that the Cowboys were not playing in their house, they were playing in theirs. They had home field advantage with a real 12th man presence, and the fact that virtually every professional analyst stated that the Cowboys didn’t have a chance. I, jtracker48 began to doubt.

The staunchest Dallas Cowboys fan north of Brownsville Texas became uncertain of the final outcome. However, just as quickly as that emotion came creeping into my head it disappeared because I believed this team is better than most people think.

The fact is that if not for the Special Teams turnovers and one Romo fumble the Cowboys would have beaten them by about 3 scores. The Offense is playing lights out football and during the game it showed with the dominance of the Seahawks #1 Defense. The Offensive Line created huge holes for Murray and Randal and for the most part held the line and protected Romo.

The no name Cowboys Defense stopped Seattle with just 206 total yards and 9 first downs. There is no way around it; this team is for real and today the Cowboys out bullied the bullies . Nevertheless, the Cowboys haters will come out with some drummed out line that the Seahawks beat themselves or some other B.S. They will try and find fault with the Seahawks for losing and not give credit where credit is due; the Dallas Cowboys.

The Time of Possession, (Cowboys 37:39/Seattle 22:21) was won by Dallas and this proved to be critical for the outcome of the final score.  Cowboys also dominated the first down stats with 23 to 9, how good is that?

So for all you haters out there especially “Stephen A Smith” that dude from, “ESPN first take”. You must eat crow and some other unmentionables. You should now wear Tony Romo’s Jersey because your mouth ran too much and to fast that your brain couldn’t cash in. You made a bet with your co-host Skip Bayless so time to pay up loser, see link; (

Top 4 Standouts:

  1. DeMarco Murray, 2. Tony Romo, 3. Offensive Line, 4. Terrance Williams

*JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to:  DeMarco Murray for his outstanding running play which catapulted the Cowboys to a 5-1 start.


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