JJ Whatt!?

In the last blog I described how JJ Watt is the most prolific defensive player the Houston Texans Defense has. He is the Captain and soul of that defensive squad and without his big plays the Texans usually lose. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen the Cowboys Offensive Line held up and it held up extremely well, it was almost as if I was watching the O-line of the early 90s. Watt was soundly beaten on virtually every play. In essence he was a non-factor in Sunday’s game and thanks to our own Defense we came out on top with a humongous overtime TEXAS victory. Our Defensive Line was so darn impressive it reminded me of our old 70’s Doomsday Defense. Tony (Houdini) Romo played his usual style of quarterback play, he made some great throws and made a great escape against the great (perhaps play of the year) JJ Watt.wpid-screenshot_2014-10-05-21-40-12.png It seemed that Romo had eyes in the back of his head by the way he moved against the threat of a Watt sack. Romo made the most incredible dodge, spin and roll I’d seen all season long. Watt, to his dismay ended catching Romo’s shadow and a little bit of grass as well. Romo immediately recovered rolled around and threw the most incredible bomb to Terrance Williams for a 43 yard touchdown pass. The Cowboys fans became very worried in the 4th quarter when the Texans decided to give the Cowboys Defense a huge dose of Andre Johnson and Arian Foster. Both of these players helped the Texans tie at 17-17 and a guaranteed extra quarter of play in overtime. During overtime both offenses had their chance but on 3rd down coach Garret decided it was time for Dan Bailey to finally drive the stake through the Texans heart. Cowboys won by 3 points and upped their record to 4-1 which ties the Philadelphia Eagles at the top of the NFC East. They also retained the Texas Governor’s Cup and the bragging rights for 4 more years. This game was touted as the game of the week by some of the NFL analysts, guess they were right. Although I prefer to call this, the game of the year. Mr. Jerry Jones, we won! Now let that other rich bastard Mr. Bob McNair cry for his loss in the greatest sports venue on earth, “Jerry’s World”. Top 4 Standouts: 1. Offensive Line, 2. Tony Romo, 3. Defensive Line, and 4.Dez Bryant *JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD* is awarded to: Offensive Line for the again terrific blocking, holding the line and for stopping and making JJ Watt irrelevant for this game. I was a very lucky man to have witnessed this game in person at the AT&T stadium. The feeling of being there was indescribable but emotional. It was worth every hard earned dime I spent for the game tickets.


** I spent this super exciting day with the most wonderful Dallas Cowboys fan I know, my Wife.


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