It was the trick not a treat the Redskins forced upon the Cowboys on MNF loss.


As the seconds winded down and the obvious was about to happen the Cowboys appeared to be in disarray, confused, and defeated.

We Cowboys nation supporters should not be in disbelief over last night’s loss. We knew that somewhere along the season we were going to lose a couple or even a few games. Does it pisses us off that it was against the dreaded Redskins, sure. Does it pisses us off that this loss was against an NFC East opponent of course.

So what did we learn from last night’s debacle?

I’ll tell you what I learned; I learned that the Offensive Line didn’t play well; in fact they were regularly beaten with their continuous all out blitzes. They allowed 5 sacks, they allowed their Defense to kick Romo butt all over the back field, and most importantly the coaches couldn’t adapt and overcome their threat.

Furthermore, we couldn’t hang onto the ball; turnovers are a major problem with our running backs. The coaches have to do a better job of teaching our running backs the basics of ball security. Seriously, each time Murray runs with the ball it is obviously away from his body. It is nerve racking to see that each and every time he has the ball.

Where was out Defense?

We had a third string quarterback outplay our so called, “most improved Defense”.  The defensive unit including coaches should be ashamed of themselves. It was not only a loss to a division opponent, but it came in a humiliating fashion on national television.

This loss was a team effort, I’m not going to blame anyone player because there were just too many mistakes in all phases of the game.  The Cowboys will have to study the game film and find out what happened and improve on it.

I don’t know about you all but early on while my kompa and I were watching the game. I mentioned that Romo looked uncomfortable as if he was in pain. Of course later on the 3rd quarter Romo goes down and it looked as if he had re-aggravated his back. However, according to Jerry Jones and others, Romo is well just got a knee to his back and everything is all right.

Let’s make no mistake about it,  I did NOT agree with Garrett’s decision to allow Romo to play after he went down. It was obvious that Romo wasn’t himself throughout the game. Don’t understand why he was allowed to play,  just don’t get it.

Even though we lost the game we are still tied for first place in our division with Philadelphia. So let’s not panic, keep rooting for our Boys and let’s see where we end up at the conclusion of the season.

Head Coach J. Garrett let’s make some adjustments please we don’t want to show the rest of our opponents that we can’t handle the all-out blitz packages.

Final Score:

Washington Redskins: 20

Dallas Cowboys: 17

Go Cowboys!!!!


Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys on MNF

Redskins vs Cowboys

Washington Redskins (2-5) at Dallas Cowboys (7-1)

Location: Arlington Texas

DATE: Oct 27, 2014

Time: 1930 hrs.

Network: ESPN

This Monday Night Football game will mark the 16th Monday Night game played since the series began in 1945. In the greatest rivalry the NFL has ever known, Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.


The Cowboys are leading the series 64-42-2. With one more win the record will be 7-1, the first time since 2007, and the 10th time over all. The Cowboys have won 8 out of the last 11 games played including a sweep last year, how bout them Cowboys!

Make no mistake about it, knowing the above statistics do you ponder for one second that the Redskins won’t be prepared to play the Boys? You may be thinking that hands down this game is owned by the Cowboys simply because of their record, remember it’s the greatest rivalry in the NFL and perhaps in sports.

The fact is that division games are usually more fun to watch because no matter what the record is, they play each other tougher than the norm and the outcome is anything but certain.

The Matchup

By all accounts the Cowboys have a much stronger Offense than the Redskins. The ESPN Power Rankings have the Boys Offense ranked at #2 and the Redskins at #26 a clear edge for the Boys.

The Redskins have the edge on Defense except   for one very important statistic, “points per game allowed”. The Cowboys on average allow 21.0 where the Redskins allow 26.1. In my mind this stat is the most important of them all, it’s what wins or loses games.

Another obvious advantage the Cowboys have over the Redskins is at Quarterback. Right now there’s no one playing (well perhaps only P. Manning) better than Tony Romo. The Redskins are down to their 3rd Quarterback in Colt McCoy. McCoy came out of the University of Texas where he did very well, but since going Pro in 2010 his game has a lot to be desired.

Let’s get one thing straight, Tony “Houdini” Romo and the Boys are no longer playing for records or stats they are now playing for a division championship, a spot in the playoffs, and an NFL Super Bowl Championship ring.

p.s. This goes out to all Dallas Cowboys, AT&T stadium ticket holder fans; you’ve got to cheer them on. For crying out loud, you’ve got to be louder than the opposing fans. I promise we will stand in the rooftops back home backing up your cheers.

Cowboys reported injuries

  1. WR #88 Dez Bryant-Shoulder
  2. OLB # 54 Bruce Carter-Thigh
  3. DE #58 Jack Crawford-Calf
  4. T #68 Doug Free-Foot
  5. DB #23 Jakar Hamilton –Not Injury Related
  6. T #78 Jeremy Parnell-Chest
  7. Q #09 Tony Romo-Back
  8. DE #93 Antony Spencer-Knee/foot

JT48 Prediction

Redskins: 17

Cowboys: 35

The Cowboys continue to avenge their losses of years past

ny giants loss ebola virus

The more the NFL season progresses the more impressive the Cowboys seem to play. They have won 6 straight games and in their wake they’ve left broken teams (Seahawks/Texans), injured players, and rival fans that literally have broken down in front of me.

Now I can’t say that I have enjoyed seeing those fans break down over their team losing to my Cowboys. However, I do enjoy seeing the other teams lose and lose big every chance I get.

Now, most of us have focused on the Offense because that’s where the ”Cowboys’ Avengers” play, Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, and Jason Witten, (aka) Captain America-Houdini, Thor, Hulk, and Spider-Man respectively.

However, the Defense is coming of age we still don’t have a solid pass rusher but the Defensive Lineman are controlling the line of scrimmage. The Linebackers and Cornerbacks are playing lights out and how about them Safetys man proud of those guys.

tony romo

Let’s reflect shall we…

For all those Romo haters out there that wanted him replaced, aren’t you glad Jerry Jones didn’t listen to your rants, or read your comments, or overheard your hate speach about arguably the best Quarterback Dallas has ever had.

Take away the San Francisco game and you can see that our Quarterback is special he has the abilities of Roger “Dodger” Stauback and the pin point accuracy Troy Aikmen displayed all those many years ago.

The Dallas Cowboys have been mediocore( 8-8) for all those years because of Romo not inspite of him. Trust me if it weren’t for #9 it would have been alot worst.

What was needed was a good Offensive line, a good runner and receivers that could make a difference. Oh, just like Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman had when they were at the top of the NFL mountain.

After the loss Coach Tom Coughlin admitted that even though the Giants played well the Cowboys defense out played them for most of the game especially in the last minutes of the games.

So let’s build a bigger wagon because this one is getting pretty full already.

Final Score:

New York Giants: 21

Dallas Cowboys:   31

Top  Standouts: 1. D. Bryant  2. B. Church 3. D. Murray 4. T. Romo

*JTRACKER COMPASS AWARD is presented to: Dez Bryant for all the outstanding catches and most of all for the leadership he displayed during the game. Let’s hope his leadership style is as contacious as the ebola virus.

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

ny vs dallas

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Location: Arlington Texas

Date: Oct 19, 2014

Time: 1525

Network: Fox

The New York Giants are coming to town with a single purpose. To continue their great success in the AT&T Stadium and knock the high flying Cowboys back to ground level and reality.

After last week’s humiliating beat down at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants received more bad news that included a season ending knee injury to Victor Cruz.

The Giants (one of my least liked rivals) when playing in Arlington appear to have the Cowboys’ number. Although the series is led by the Cowboys at 59-42 2, it doesn’t reflect the whole picture. If you break it down when played at Cowboys Stadium/AT&T Stadium (depends on which stat site you get it from) the Giants are up 4-1.

No doubt about it on Sunday the Giants will be pumped and ready to go against the Cowboys. They are in a low and are aching to bring the Boys down to their level.

QB Eli Manning for some God forsaken reason usually at will dissects the Cowboys Defense. This guy is one of the luckiest QB’s around.  Perhaps when traveling to God’s country, some of his big brother’s aura rubs off on him …just saying.

The Cowboys are coming of a fantastic win over the world champs Seahawks. However, after the game all they have done is to bring the spotlight not on what they accomplished on the field, rather on what happened after.

The Boys shot themselves on the foot (again) and gave the haters more reasons to hate on them. Stupid, Stupid, and Stupid!

Unfortunately, we ended last week’s game with 11 reported injuries:

  1. WR Dez Bryant: Shoulder
  2. OLB Bruce Carter: Thigh
  3. DE Jack Crawford: Calf
  4. T Dough Free: Foot
  5. OLB Cameron Lawrence: Thigh
  6. MLB Ronaldo McLain: Groin/Personal
  7. RB DeMarco Murray: Illness
  8. T Jeremy Parnell: Chest
  9. QB Tony Romo: Back/Ankle
  10. T Tyron Smith: Ankle
  11. DE Antony Spencer: Knee/Foot

Sunday’s game might be closer than most people think. Giants are playing for a fallen comrade, plus always do well in Arlington.  The boys have several injuries and are coming down from last week’s high, plus self-inflicted distractions doesn’t help.


Giants: 24

Dallas:   31